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CEOS - CEOS Centro di eccellenza per l'open source e per i sistemi flessibili di produzione del software



Prevostini M.



The goal of CEOS is to be an incubator for knowledge and expertise in the Open Source area, in order to make the companies of Alto Adige and Ticino in the area of Information and Communication Technology a Centre of Excellence in using Open Source software.With Open Source we intend a model of development, dissemination and cooperation for the software implementation, where the source code is available for free for anybody. The software OS became very popular in 1991 with Linux, a Unix similar and multi-platform operating system. After 14 years, Linux reached a performance and reliability level, so that big companies like IBM, HP-Compaq and Dell, offer this operating system as alternative to the proprietary traditional solutions; IBM made it as a corner stone product. Now a days about one third of the servers worldwide uses Linux with an increasing trend.The reasons for the usage of OS software are first of all in the high flexibility and adaptability provided by OS software and in the big costs saving. Costs reduction of the software allows to decrease the barriers for new companies entering ICT market, with big benefits for market competition, quality of services, local economies and technology innovation. In addition, costs saving is interesting for public administrations and people as well, because not forced to buy proprietary software to access information and services provided by the public administrations them selves. This allows more accessibility to public services, a big goal according to the eEurope 2005 programme of European Union.CEOS will consolidate the expertise of the ICT domain and will create synergies with existing projects. In particular, we can divide the Centre tasks in three main areas: Observation, dissemination and education in OS; Control and evaluation of the quality of OS-based technologies; Active participation to the OS community.

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8 Months
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Swiss Confederation
European and International Programmes / Interreg