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Plato on Change



Gigli P.


Costa D.



The Conference "Plato on Change" will be the first international conference devoted to the topic of the metaphysics of change in Plato. It aims at creating a research network on this central and neglected topic where scholars can exchange working hypotheses, results, methodologies and foster future collaborations. The conference will bring together for the first time the main experts currently working individually on this topic, as well as several emerging early career researchers. The conference also aims at increasing the impact of the Swiss research in Ancient Philosophy on the broader academic network.

To meet these aims, the conference will be a three-day in-person event mixing several senior and early career researchers, some of which invited and some selected through a call for papers.

The success of the event will be assessed by the amount and quality of the scientific articles published on the topic of the conference by the participants involved in it, and especially by the publications co-authored by participants in the conference. An ambitious and yet realistic aim is to publish the papers discussed in the conference in an edited volume with a major venue. Such an edited volume would be the first of its kind on the topic of change in Plato.

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Start date
End date
3 Months
Funding sources
Swiss National Science Foundation / Scientific Exchanges