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USI Desktop Grid II



Pautasso C.



The primary goal of the USI Desktop Grid phase 2 project is to continue the work of the completed USI Desktop Grid (phase 1) project to triple in size the local campus Grid. This will provide additional computational capacity for USI by harvesting the power of Desktop PC found in student labs across the campus.
The secondary goal is to provide additional spare capacity so that it will be feasible to share part of the larger USI campus Grid in the Swiss National Grid Infrastructure. This will require to set up the necessary technical infrastructure for interfacing the USI campus Grid with similar campus Grids found in other Swiss Universities. This will be done by installing, configurating, testing, and operating a gateway server next to the existing central Condor scheduler and resource manager to provide access to resources found in other University campus grids.
We will also begin to experiment with the possibility of receiving jobs from external schedulers to be executed using the local USI resources.

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11 Months
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swissuniversities / Digital Skills