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USI Virtual Grid



Pautasso C.


Peternier A.



The main objective is to provide users with a persistent pool of Virtual Machines (up to about 50/100, according to the need, the Virtual Machine configurations, and hardware available) as opposed to the real machines that were made available through the USI Desktop Grid projects.
The main advantage is that the new Virtual Machines will be installed on a single, dedicated high-performance server and will rely on virtualization, thus allowing more freedom at the level of customization (choice of the Operating System, cores/RAM for each Virtual Machine, etc.).
As a second objective, Virtual Machines will be shareable with external institutions. In this way, ongoing and future USI projects involving external partners will benefit from a stable virtual computational platform that can be customized and allocated according to the different needs.

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Start date
End date
12 Months
Funding sources
swissuniversities / Digital Skills