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The Chinese political economy of the Internet. Cultural Values, BAT strategies and Internet governance



Balbi G.


Negro G.


External participants

JIN Jianbin

(Third-party beneficiary)



This proposed project aims to investigate the main cultural values, the role the of the most important Chinese Internet companies (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, also known as BAT) as well as the strategy of the promotion of the Chinese Internet model at the international level through historical and political economy perspectives. 

Research Plan

This project will explore three lines of research: 1) Chinese culture(s) on the Internet in China; 2) the most important strategies developed by the largest Chinese Internet companies to approach foreign markets; 3) the promotional policy of the Chinese Internet governance model within Internet governance institutions.

Expected results

The research period in China aims to strengthen the cooperation with Chinese colleagues finding a Chinese co-author in order to submit at least two papers on top-level academic journal. The second expected result is to publish at least one paper to top level Chinese communication academic journal. Finally yet importantly, this projects aims to develop long-term cooperation between CMO and CNMS in two perspectives: increase the exchange of visiting scholars and develop a new master program focused on comparative digital media theories.

Additional information

Start date
End date
8 Months
Funding sources
Swiss Confederation
Swiss National Science Foundation / Bilateral programmes / Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation