Institute for Economic Research (IRE)


Research at IRE concerns the analysis of economic growth and competitiveness in a regional context and pays special attentiao to the tourism sector and mobility and transport related issues. Other research topics of interest are the regional labor market, urban economics and regulatory issues.
From its tradition, IRE is the point of reference for applied research in an on the Canton Ticino, delivering services to public and private institutions and the economy at large. For this scope, IRE accompanies its research and teaching activities with three thematic observatories, created to respond to the needs of the respective stakeholders: the labor market observatory (O-Lav) developed as an operational support for the Cantonal Labor Market Commission in the context of the accompanying measures of the bilateral treaties with the EU on the free movement of persons; the Observatory of Economic Policy (O-Pol) – analyzing and monitoring the cantonal economic policy; the Tourism Observatory (O-Tur) – created to enhance knowledge within the cantonal tourism industry by means of a systematic analysis of demand and local supply in the destinations.




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