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Children & adolescents


The module Children and adolescents has the aim to show the physiologic and pathologic characteristics of this special age group that corresponds from the birth until the beginning of the adulthood, 20-25% of life. In Pediatrics, there are subspecialties and each of them is actually a gigantic chapter. In the adult Medicine they are separated but Pediatrics involves all of them in 5 weeks, 4 weeks during the 2. semester and 1. week during the 3. semester. The lessons will develop the major topics of them with emphasis in the differences with the adulthood. All lessons have an interactive and practical organization, exploring a specific topic with the presentation of clinical cases. The first week explains the basic Pediatrics with the checkup of newborns, children and adolescents, analyzing the growth and development. The second week speaks about infectology and cardio-pulmonary diseases. The third considers neurology and metabolic diseases. The fourth week is about hemato-oncology, gastroenterology and genetics. The last week will show the themes of emergency, orthopedics and surgery. The clinical activity consists of 3 half days (hd) per week. All students will be distributed with the same scheme: 2hd in the hospitalization area, 2hd in ER, 5hd in ambulatory medicine, 3hd in orthopedics-surgery and 3hd in Pediatrics of Civico Hospital in Lugano. Every week the students will have an afternoon to develop and present clinical cases deepening in typical situations of Pediatrics.

Additionally, there will be the Pediatric Practice weeks during the third semester, where the pediatricians distributed in the canton will receive the students for 2 weeks to complete the ambulatory subjects (vaccines, social issues, ecc)

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