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Neurosciences, Marketing and Corporate Communication


Morese R.

Course director


no obligation to attend

Course objectives
The aim of this course is to offer an innovative perspective and a critical approach of neuroscience to corporate and marketing communication. It will provide understanding about:

  • prominent neuroscientific communication theories,
  • neural mechanisms involved in communication,
  • tools to improve the communication competence based on neuroscientific research, and
  • opportunities and challenges of modern neuroscientific methods for corporate and marketing purposes.

Course description
What happens in our brain during communication? The brain is like a universe, with many mysteries yet to discover. Neuroscientific and psychological research investigates how the mind and brain process stimuli and how communication affects behaviour. These topics are gaining increasing interest in the field of corporate and marketing communication. The use of neurophysiological methods with innovative tools has made possible to study brain areas underlying the communication processes. Recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience have investigated many mechanisms involved in communication processes, including attention, motivation, decision-making, emotions, intercultural and group differences, social membership, social influence, identity, and the use of social media. Applications of this knowledge to the communication management in the areas of marketing and corporate look very promising, notably for branding, consumer behaviour, marketing, organisational identity, digital trends, and competence management. But, how to understand their real impact on corporate and marketing communication?

Learning methods
The course will involve students in formal (ex-cathedra) classes, practical group activities and debates among students.

Evaluation procedures and Grading criteria
20% group activities
30% research project
50% exam

Required materials
Required materials will be available to students at the beginning of the course.