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Master of Science in Communication and Economics in Marketing and Transformative Economy (MMTE)


Managing the relationships with customers and suppliers is critical for the development of any business and is a task that involves most management positions in any company. The management of customer and supplier relationships is one of the tasks of marketing. This requires an effective understanding of how these relationships work. Specific skills are required for this task. Graduates from this programme will have acquired competencies to meet the requirements for a professional career in companies of different size. The aim of the programme is to prepare participants to assume positions of general management or to take up specialised positions such as product and marketing managers. The programme is designed to develop participants' analytical and decision-making skills grounded in a solid knowledge of best management practices and rigorous methodological approach. In particular it develops the capability to analyse and interpret markets as well as the ability to conceive and put into practice effective solutions that a company can adopt in dealing with various marketing issues. To this purpose traditional teaching is integrated with more active teaching methods, consisting of discussion of case histories, role-playing, business games, and working on individual and group projects.