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Cantoni L.

Course director

Cottier B.

Course director

Picco Schwendener A.

Course director

Hasenzahl L.



The course examines main opportunities offered by new technologies for governments´ actions. The use of the Internet and other communication technologies in order to provide information and services to citizens, businesses, and other public organizations will be discussed, along with the implications for government efficiency, transparency, communication, service delivery and engagement with citizens. It will also tackle how international organizations and NGOs could leverage on ICTs.

Furthermore, the course addresses legal issues related to the collection and use of data by state agencies and access to governmental information by the media and the general public. It will present the rules governing personal data protection, right to information and open data.

The course is organized in formal (ex-cathedra) lessons complemented by case studies and testimonials.

The assessment will be divided into a collaborative group project (30%), an online and/or oral exam (60%) and a lesson recap (10%).

Reading Materials:

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