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Project I: Atelier Albori


Borella G.

Course director

Biondetti E.


Zadra M.



The semester will be dedicated to the recovery, reuse and reversable transformation of a small ruin situated a few steps from the Accademia, behind the Villa Argentina garden. The atelier’s task will be to design and actually construct the project, thus returning a currently abandoned space to public use.  


Starting from awareness of our common disorientation, the atelier proposes that students work on a feasible project, preferably useful, in a specific nearby location, focussing on the themes of energy and the use and reuse of resources, favouring the practical, somatic, meteorological and thermal dimensions. 
The students will work in small groups. The single projects, developed through reciprocal dialogue, will constitute parts of a broader whole.  

Learning methods

The atelier is inspired by the principle of “learning by doing”. 

Examination information

Final critics