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Academy of Architecture


The Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio was founded with the aim to educate students in becoming architects able to act critically, responsibly and innovatively in the transformation of contemporary living space. The Academy provides students with a learning and work environment revolving around architectural project, which represents the frame of reference for all subject areas - cultural, social, art-historical, technical and scientific - that form the interdisciplinary study curriculum. The lectures are organised in ateliers of 20 to 25 students. In each class, students have access to their own drawing table, allowing them to work steadily on their projects under the guidance of internationally renowned Architects, and in collaboration with assistants who are equally engaged in the profession. The Academy offers an undergraduate and a graduate study programme. The undergraduate programme combines theoretical courses with practical training in an architecture studio, company or institution. The graduate programme, leading to a Master of Science in Architecture, aims to train professionals in carrying out the functions of direct architectural design and in understanding the different technical and humanistic aspects involved in the development of specialised projects. Apart from the academic educational goals, the Academy is actively involved in research activities through its affiliated institutes and in partnership with institutions active in Ticino and on an international level.