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Project BSc2-I: Housing - Atelier Pàlffy


Pàlffy A.

Course director

Alves Margarido M. S.


Borawski Z.


Romagnoli P. M.



Space for Pedro Cabrita Reis

Our designs are always based on a present topographical or building-related state, and consequently on a reality that we can never ignore.

The explicit reference to the surroundings therefore becomes an essential basis for architectural work, which in this way is inserted in clearly defined spatial, social, and economic structures and develops its independence along the sources of friction and the resistance offered by this context. The actual potential of an intervention in its specific environment therefore becomes a determining criterion for the planning.

The world of working and living of artist Pedro Cabrita Reis is the focus of the design program, which is to be located within the dense topography of an urban setting in Lisbon. Therefore, this task is shaped not only by the place but also by the two scales that result from the different demands of living and working.




“Giving form a meaning, meaning a form” is a quote from Mies van der Rohe that leads directly from visual ideas to spatial realities, which are based on the aim to making the totality of a spatial impact, a spatial meaning, rather than a constitutive parameter the main focus of perception.

Making the numerous views of a design, with all the levels on which it can potentially be transferred, understandable is a didactic goal that we follow teaching from the start.

In the designs, precision in the relationship between content, architectural form, and its materiality becomes a determining reference for fundamental statements, regardless of the format of the respective activity. On this basis the programme, spatial quality and construction logic are condensed to create a language that can be used further on consistently for tasks of quite different kinds.

Sustainable development goals

  • Sustainable cities and communities

Learning methods

Weekly reviews with lecturer and assistants, through collective and individual discussions of the project development through presentation of graphical drawings and models in different scales of representation.

Examination information

Presentation of graphic elaborates and models at midterm and final critiques with invited guests.


Study trips

  • Lisbon, 13.10.22 - 16.10.22 (Compulsory)
  • Lisbon, 13.10.22 - 16.10.22 (Compulsory)