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Digital Representation 1


Contro E. A.

Course director

Gil Ad L.

Course director

Crivelli N.


Romano A.



The course offers a work of conceptual investigation into a series of designer houses: once the DNA of the project has been identified, students should represent it in schematic-graphic mode. The significance of this process lies in the work of investigation carried out to find the information necessary to reveal the designer’s insights. The tools of analysis are two-dimensional, three-dimensional and illustrational digital drawing software. The aim is to produce a series of architectural analyses using the visual language of infographics that are credible, effective and immediately comprehensible. For an architect the ability to schematize graphically is a powerful tool of synthesis, expressive freedom and organizational capacity.


To know the digital tools of three-dimensional modelling and their application in the world of architecture through the morphological, structural and conceptual analysis of designer houses.

Learning methods

40% Frontal lesson
60% Practical exercises

Examination information

Written during the examination session
Written during the semester