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Project II: Atelier Collomb


Collomb M. H.

Course director

De Perrot A.


Verrier G. C. I.



In the current architectural debate there is much talk of density. But what kind of density? The density of investors who want an economic return? The density of architects seeking quality? Or that of the users who hope for conviviality and living together?
Our atelier will experience all three of them with a certain audacity, because we will operate where access to individual property has generated spatial banality and poverty of specific use of the residential areas we know in peri-urban areas. Here lies one of the great challenges of tomorrow's architecture, which cannot be ignored by academic reflection.
The responsibility of schools of architecture is important. It will be necessary to "settle down" and imagine a way of living together, and somehow regain the ambition that has been lost in the recent past... 
SO, in one word, making CITY!


The goal of this atelier is to show that architecture is interdisciplinary. Where different scales, landscape, urbanism are taken into consideration and allows the student to see how the architect works in this contemporary world. The approach of drawing, studying maps, territory via study trip, models, with scale and materials chosen according to the project, will guide the student along this atelier.

Learning methods

Analyses will be advanced with the tools deemed necessary and most specific to the type of research being addressed, for example: spatial scale model or/and detailed scale, graphic tables, topographic surveys, material samples, photomontages, data retrieval, public consultation, etc.   

Examination information

Il lavoro degli studenti sarà presentato in due revisioni principali: La revisione intermedia e la revisione finale. Si tratta di un momento di confronto dello studente con il professore e gli ospiti. Il lavoro svolto dallo studente nel corso del semestre viene preso in considerazione anche per la decisione del voto.