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Project II: Atelier Jain


Jain B.

Course director

Bianchi C.


Monari G.



Building with water, air and light 

Water (n.) A colourless, transparent, odourless, liquid which forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms.

Air (n.) The invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen.

Light (n.) The natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

The studio proposes water, air and light as the “building material” that is at the core of the project’s spatial entity; the chosen programmatic topics are: A space for children; Natatorium; and A space for immersion in the atmosphere.

The work of the studio is a provocation to consider the nature of being of the human mind and body and to imagine spaces that are constructed towards anticipated time, which water, air, and light can permeate seamlessly.

Each student will work individually and will be asked to propose a site and a scale specific to their interpretation of the topic.


The studio aims for each student to develop a practice which allows them to freely mould ideas into one or a set of spaces, in response to their intuitive intention and to then communicate them effectively through their preferred medium of representation.

Learning methods

Students are asked to investigate and individually develop a space, based on the proposed topic/s, through the production of models, material studies, sketches and drawings.

All material will be presented during weekly table critiques with the professor and or the assistants.

Examination information

Weekly table critiques with the professor and the assistants and public reviews with invited external guests.


Study trips

  • Opt A: Rome, 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)
  • Opt B: France, Côte du Rhône (Winery Project), 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)
  • Opt A: Rome, 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)
  • Opt B: France, Côte du Rhône (Winery Project), 02.03.23 - 04.03.23 (Compulsory)