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Software Atelier 4: Software Engineering Project


Mocci A.

Course director

Orrei V.


Raglianti M.



Programming skills are essential but not enough to develop large and complex software systems that require the coordination of a team of specialists. Software engineering is about the development of such moderns software systems. Students will learn to go beyond programming, to coordinate a team, to apply modern methodologies and techniques.


Learn development methodologies, the basics of requirements engineering, testing, and software quality; Learn a minimal set of DevOps skills including CI/CD on GitLab and Docker; Experience project and team development with an iterative, customer-oriented approach.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The course pursues a learn by doing approach. Students will get a series of theoretical lectures on Software Engineering topics, accompanied by hands on lectures introducing related technologies and frameworks. Students will also develop a project working in teams of ~10 people. Instructors will play the role of the customers, while TAs will play the role of project managers.

Examination information

The examination will mainly include the evaluation of a group project for the practical aspects of software engineering, and a final exam that covers the conceptual part of the course.