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Environmental Management and Communications


Hibberd M.

Course director


Environmental management and communications form a key part for media organisations in the 21st Century. Production activities, i.e. making film and television programmes, is the most polluting aspect for any media company and, currently, local, national and global media companies as well as many organisations are exploring strategies for reducing their carbon footprint. At the same time media companies, organizational websites and social media are closely involved in helping to disseminate climate change messages through TV programmes, documentary films, advertising, NGO campaigns and CSR work. 


This module will introduce students to key aspects of environmental management and communications, relating this to media and non-media organisations.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The course will be structured in lectures led by the three teachers. Sessions will be accompanied with power point presentations.

Students must attend class for at least 60%. Teachers will not provide alternative teaching materials beyond online teaching materials presented in class.


Examination information

Examination information EN

The final grade will be composed of the results achieved by students:

  • Written 3000-word essay (70% of the final evaluation)
  • In class presentation of one key issue related to course (10 minutes, 20% of the final evaluation)
  • In-class participation (60% minimum) (10% of the final evaluation)