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Project I: Atelier Collomb


Collomb M. H.

Course director

De Perrot A.


Verrier G. C. I.



In the traces of Jože Plečnik
In the autumn semester, the didactic offer consists of the collaboration of three design studios sharing the aggregate resources of professors Bonnet, Collomb, Nunes and Gomes, who works on a large scale in the same geographical area: Ljubljana. As in previous years, the three studios, while maintaining their specificity and teaching autonomy, pool their knowledge of this area by starting the semester with a common path.
Twelve towers will be anchored along the Ljubljanica canal, mirroring the brilliant work of J. Plečnik, a hinge between classicism and modernity, an exceptional example of the creation of public spaces, buildings and green areas according to the vision of a single architect, in the time and limited space of the city of Ljubljana.


The objective of the atelier is to show that architecture is interdisciplinary. Studying together with two other ateliers, where different scales, landscape, urbanism are taken into consideration, is allowing the student to see how the architect works in the contemporary world. The approach of drawing, studying maps, the territory through the study trip, models, with scale and materials chosen according to the project, will guide the student throughout the atelier.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Analyses will be advanced with the tools deemed necessary and most specific to the type of research being addressed, e.g.: spatial scale model or/and detailed scale, graphic tables, topographic surveys, material samples, photomontages, data retrieval, public consultation, etc.    

Examination information

The work of the students will be presented in two main reviews: The midterm review and the final review. It is a time of confrontation of the student with the professor and the guests. The work of the student along the semester is also taken in consideration in the decision of the grade. 


Study trips

  • Ljubljana, 28.09.23 - 01.10.23 (Optional)