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Project I: Atelier Pedrozzi


Pedrozzi M.

Course director

Thiella E.


Tuccillo V.



Continuing a line of research already begun, the atelier will continue its reading of the Ticino territory in its “transversal” dimension, questioning and enhancing the multiple relationships that link the mountain peaks to the lakebed. This reflection will be intertwined with another highly topical theme, namely the aggregation process in progress throughout the Canton. The intention is therefore to identify a “new” municipality, born from the conclusion of a recent fusion, and ‒ benefiting from its active collaboration ‒ to choose a series of project sites, distributed at different altitudes, that can become an ideal laboratory for reflecting on the territory and the potential of the new administrative and spatial dimension thus achieved.


Introducing students to the comprehension of the territory and promoting an awareness of transversal spatial relationships.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The atelier aims to stimulate and increase the participation of each student in the design process and in the critical reflection of the entire group; to do this, new specific moments of confrontation will be introduced, of a 'seminar' nature, in which each project will become part of a broader and more dialectical discussion, which will see the involvement of external guests from different disciplines.

The research will be introduced by a collective site experience and the projects will be developed in groups of two students.

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Final reviews