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Master in European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication (ESIR)


The Master "European  Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication" is offered jointly by Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano (Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society) and by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy (Faculty of Banking and Finance and Faculty of Languages). The first year of the programme takes place in Milan, while the second year is hosted in Lugano. The programme awards 120 ECTS over 4 semesters and it is entirely offered in English.

The Master programme in Investor Relations and Financial Communication offers students the unique opportunity to acquire an integrated set of competencies, including financial, communicative, legal and language knowledge, which is strongly and increasingly required in the financial sector. The financial sector is facing new challenges: people working in such an environment are expected to master, besides a solid financial background, also strong capacities in communicating with clients and investors and a mature awareness of the legal framework in which financial services and products are promoted and transactions are negotiated.

The aim of the Master is to form specialists operating in the banking sector and in capital markets being able to bridge the information and knowledge gaps between financial experts and lay investors and entrepreneurs. Moreover, such specialists will be asked to manage strategically the huge quantity of information so that it can be put "at work" to foster sound investment decisions.

The primary job market for candidates earning this degree are:

  • the private banking and wealth management sector, where the integration of solid financial knowledge with communicative and legal skills will constitute a competitive advantage;
  • the financial communication area of business enterprises, where in-depth expertise is needed to organize and manage numerous strategic communications (investor relations, roadshow marketing, financial reporting, media relations support);
  • consultancy firms in investors relations and other financial communications, where a wide array of services is offered especially to listed companies, like consultancy and coaching, market transaction communications (M&A, IPO, etc.), shareholders engagement solutions (proxy solicitations, capital raising support, institutional investors canvassing, etc.).