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The course covers all the classical topics related to databases, starting from the general concepts of information and data, to the specifics of a relational database management system, with SQL and QBE. It will also deal with the most general notions of database design, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. However, the course will take a more practical approach rather than a theoretical one, aimed at teaching the fundamentals of DBMS and data base design using a large set of examples and applications. In fact, a data base design project will be assigned to students in order to expose them to realistic database applications. No prerequisite knowledge of databases is required, but a basic understanding of data structures and algorithms is assumed. One of the main the themes of the course will be showing connections and relationships between databases and other informatics and economics topics, like business intelligence, statistics, data analytics and information retrieval.


The course is exceptionally offered in the fall semester for the academic year 2016/17



Crestani F.

Course director

Aghajani E.


Additional information

Academic year
Master of Science in Management and Informatics, Management track, Lecture, 1st year