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Multicore Embedded Application Design


Embedded Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture design - Introduction to present and future heterogeneous multicore SoC´s - Electronic System Level (ESL) SoC modeling and optimization - Early HW/SW power estimation and optimization System Modeling and Virtual Prototyping - Full system modeling - Fast instruction set simulation - Parallel SoC simulation - Multicore SW debugging with Virtual Platforms Embedded Processor Design and Customization - Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) - Instruction accurate modeling - Cycle accurate modeling - Example: LISA language based processor design - Advanced code profiling and instrumentation Embedded SW development for multicore HW platforms - C compiler design for customized instruction sets - Advanced embedded code optimization - Multicore programming languages and tools - Example: Heterogeneous multicore programming with Silexica SLX tool suite



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This course will not be offered in the academic year 2016/17



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