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Field Project


Langheinrich M.

Course director


The field project is a consultancy study conducted by a team of four to five students on the premises of a company (the “client”). Each year, local companies offer a range of different consultancy projects at the intersection of management and informatics, which student teams can then select from. Each team then meets with the respective company representatives to discuss requirements. During the semester, teams conducts regular meetings with the client to update on their progress, before finally presenting the results to the client at the end of the semester. Students are supervised throughout the field project by a university tutor, yet are otherwise responsible for managing and driving the project. During the semester, regular "research lab"-meetings allow students to exchange their experience with other teams and the tutor, and receive input on methods and presentation skills. The project is evaluated based on the quality of the final report, the feedback from the client, and the overall project results.