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Communication law


Four modules (see below) of 1,5 ECTS are offered; two of them has to be taken.

The press and broadcasting law module will deal with freedom of the press, pluralism and media concentration, rights and obligations of journalists, editorial secrecy, interviews, and the status of broadcasting.

The protection of privacy and reputation module will deal with information duties (in particular ad hoc publicity), personality rights (in particular the right to one’s own image, consent and newsworthiness), defamation and calumny, remedies against privacy infringements (in particular the right of reply), attacks in media and on social networks, unloyal and untrustworthy behavior of the employee (in particular surveillance).

The marketing law module will deal with advertising (in particular comparative advertising and aggressive marketing), intrusive techniques (in particular spamming), radio and tv commercials, unfair competition, customers profiling and data mining, sponsoring.

The intellectual property module will deal with copyright, trade mark (and domain names) and patents.

Final exam 100%

No textbook


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Cottier B.

Course director

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