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Hibberd M.

Course director


Advertising has always played a pivotal role in media development quickly becoming one of the main sources of revenue and affecting editorial contents and standards. The objective of this course is to analyse the development of advertising, leveraging internal insights and expertise, as well as to break down the key components of the advertising process. This course will focus on five main parts. Firstly, we will examine various types of advertising. The study will start by addressing the relationship between brand and product and examining concepts of brand positioning and brand territory. Secondly we will look at the history of advertising. Advertisements have been central to economic and cultural changes of the past 70 years. The different historical phases of the advertising market will be addressed, from post war origins of modern advertisements until the advent of the Internet, focusing on how language and roles have changed over time. Thirdly, we will examine the advertising supply chain. We will then look at the peculiarities of each mass medium within an advertising campaign identifying the main market players (communication and advertising sales agencies). The fourth part of the course examines advertising research where we look at consumer and target-audience research, together with research on markets and competition and how to measure the effectiveness of the advertisement communication (key performance indicators). The fifth and final part of the course deals with the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns. We will analyse the main techniques and indicators usually involved in a “media planning and control” process.