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Visual Fashion Communication


Lobinger K.

Course director


Fashion communication and visual communication have always been intrinsically connected. For example, fashion brands have always been producers of fascinating and emotional advertising campaigns, and today influencers on social media strongly rely on networked photography for promoting products, brands and lifestyles. But visual fashion communication is not only an important element of aesthetic persuasion and of conveying information on products and brands, it also has – often unintended – social and cultural implications and effects on beauty and body norms that needs to be addressed. The course Visual Fashion Communication tackles these complexities and gives an overview of the power and effects of the visual mode. Students will learn to analyze small and larger sets of visuals for understanding their aesthetic, formal and representational logics. A historical view on the changing trends in visual fashion communication will help detect stereotypes and representational techniques that are discussed regarding their economic as well as social-cultural and ethical implications. This critical knowledge of visual fashion communication is essential for producers as well as audiences in current highly visualized environments, such as the fashion domain.