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Information Management and Retrieval


Fornara N.

Course director



Information Management and Retrieval (IM&R) concerns production, acquisition, storage, protection, manipulation, and distribution of relevant data with a variety of means and devices, mostly exploiting digital technology. This course is directed to people who are (or will be) involved in those activities supported by digital technologies.

Its objectives are making students aware of opportunities and threats concerning IM&R and allowing them to develop the ability to evaluate and compare different approaches and tools.

The course builds on foundations of data management (from structured and unstructured data to file formats, markup languages, knowledge representation and semantic web technologies), retrieval (data mining, web and semantic search engines), and security (encryption, blockchains). It presents different types of applications involving Content Management Systems, Digital Marketing tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Study materials

Slides by the lecturers, available on the eCourses platform and containing references to relevant textbooks and papers freely available on the web



The students will be evaluated through a final written tests of 2 hours, including conceptual questions and exercises on all topics of the program