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Giusti A.

Course director

Mantegazza D.


Nava M.



Robotics addresses the design, construction, and automatic control of mechatronical systems. The course provides a general overview of robotics, focusing on autonomous mobile robots: autonomous systems which exist and move in the physical world, can sense their environment using multiple sensors, can reason about it to issue plans, and can act on it to achieve one or multiple goals. The course covers fundamental topics such as: pose transforms; kinematic models for wheeled robots and arms; odometry; feedback-based control; sensors; localization and mapping; motion and path planning. The course includes theory and hands-on classes. Students will learn how to use ROS, the de-facto standard in mobile robotics research, and the simulator Gazebo. Homeworks apply the learned concepts on simulated and real robots: students will be given the opportunity to use the ROS-enabled Mighty Thymio robot.


Artificial Intelligence



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