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Enterprise Resource Planning Lab


Cappiello C.

Course director


The course will present a general methodology for designing and deploying ERP systems. The methodology will cover requirements analysis, the evaluation of sourcing strategies (including outsourcing, cloud and as-a-service solutions), technology-based cost estimation, software and suppliers’ selection and management, and related change management issues, including opportunities and issues raised by Enterprise 2.0 developments. Examples and case studies will be discussed in class with the goal of clarifying the methodological guidelines provided during lectures. The evaluation consists of a written exam and a project assignment.



  • K.C. Laudon, J.P. Laudon “Management Information Systems (15th Edition)”
  • Pearson Alter S., "Information Systems: Foundation of E-Business (4th Ed.)"
  • Prentice Hall Additional course materials (slides, papers, drafts) will be made available by the instructors on the Web page of the course.