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Academic teaching


Cantoni L.

Course director

Tardini S.

Course director


Goal of this course is to provide PhD students and teaching assistants of USI with a basic training on Teaching and Learning at the Bachelor and Master levels. That competence will integrate their competences in research, with a significant benefit for their future academic career.
At the end of the course participants will:

  • know basic notions of pedagogy and didactics and their implications for the teaching practice;
  • be able to consistently design teaching activities with a proper selection of teaching strategies;
  • be able to effectively run teaching activities, using the appropriate tools and managing students in the classroom;
  • be able to design and run effective evaluations of teaching activities;
  • be more aware of the most important learning/teaching dynamics.


Course Structure
The workload for participants will be 28 hours (plus further hours of reflection/reading time):

  • 24 hours of classes
  • 4 hours of individual work for the preparation of the final lecture and of the report.

The course is designed around practical activities, such as presentations of case studies, design of instructional materials, evaluation activities, and so on.
The class will be composed by no more than 15 students.
All classes will be in English.

Course calendar

Date Time Topic Teachers Room
Wednesday, March 3, 2021 14.00-17.30 Principles of teaching and learning / Academic teaching L. Cantoni 408 or Teams
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 14.00-17.30 Fundamentals of Instructional design L. Botturi 408 or Teams
Monday, March 24, 2021 14.00-17.30 Evaluation L. Cantoni 408 or Teams
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 14.00-17.30 ICT in teaching S. Tardini 408 or Teams
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 14.00-17.30 Classroom management M. Eppler 408 or Teams
Wednesday, April 22, 2021 9.00-17.30 Lectures by participants, feedback by instructors and peers, debriefing
L. Cantoni
S. Tardini
408 or Teams


Depending on the pandemic situation, classes will be taught in presence or online via Teams. All information about the course will be sent through the iCorsi3 platform.

Evaluation and accreditation
Participants will be required to:

  • attend at least 80% of the classes;
  • prepare a lecture about a topic they feel confident with; they will teach their lecture during the last class (April 22, 2021);
  • after the final class, write a short report about the instructional (re-)design process they have adopted for the preparation of the lecture.


The course is accredited 3 ECTS.

The course will be taught by prof. dr. Lorenzo Cantoni (USI, scientific responsible) and dr. Stefano Tardini (USI eLab).
External teachers will be invited for specific classes: prof. dr. Martin Eppler (UniSG); prof. dr. Luca Botturi (SUPSI, DFA).