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Digital Fashion Communication: An Introduction


Cantoni L.

Course director

Noris A.



Course Objectives

• Fashion – both users’ experience as well as the industry/sector at large – are closely intertwined with digital transformation processes

• This course will help:

– To understand digital transformation processes – “Digital Fashion” – especially when it comes to communication

– To become able to analyze fashion-related owned media, and to evaluate them

– To be aware of several implications of such processes.

Course Description

The course will provide students with the methodological tools to conceive, plan and manage new media projects in the field of digital fashion communication. It includes a basic introduction of the relevant technological applications for the fashion industry communication and the different methods for the design and evaluation of digital fashion services, together with the management and promotional tools of web-based fashion communication. When it comes to different levels of knowledge, the above-mentioned competences entail that students should: know current digital fashion applications, technologies and successful practices; know how to plan, run and evaluate digital fashion communication related activities; and be aware of the crucial role played by ICT within the fashion industry.

Learning Methods

The course is organized in formal (50% offline – 50% online) lessons complemented by case studies and testimonials.


Class attendance is required (Unless not possible for specific reasons).

Examination Information

The assessment will be undertaken in a form of collaborative group projects (30%) and a 2-hour written exam (70%).

Required Material

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