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Epidemiology and Psychometrics


Di Serio C.

Course director


The first part of the course introduces the basic concepts of epidemiology and biostatistics as applied to public health problems, clinical issues and areas of health services such as genetic counseling. Emphasis is placed on the principles and methods of epidemiologic investigation, appropriate summaries and displays of data, and the use of classical statistical approaches to describe the health of populations. The course will focus also on principle of multivariate medical statistics, hypothesis testing, multivariate regression and ANOVA.

The second part will be dedicated to Epidemiological Study design. In particular:

  1. Epidemiological Measures – Rate, ratio, proportion, Incidence and prevalence, Relative risk, Risk ratio, Odds ratio
  2. Reliability and validity of screening and diagnostic tests, ROC analysis
  3. Development of research tools
  4. Protocol preparation
  5. Proposal writing
  6. Report writing and publishing
  7. Critical review of research report and journal article

Teaching will be organized through theoretical lessons, interactive computer lab and individual presentations.