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Digital Fashion Communication: Conversations with Industry Experts


Sabatini N.

Course director

Noris A.



This course aims to bridge theoretical concepts presented during other courses of this master to the industry reality and the everyday life issues of industry experts working in the digital fashion domain. Guest speakers working both in the fashion domain and digital agencies, coming from international corporations and start-ups, will be invited to share their challenges and solutions. This course will also bring the experiences of USI alumnae/i working in the digital fashion domain, who will share with the students their career paths, everyday working life, and future professional scenarios.

Goals of the course is to help students to:

  • figure out possible career/internship opportunities;
  • evaluate potential Master thesis topics;
  • meet professionals with similar academic background;
  • promote knowledge sharing and opportunities for further collaborations with industry players;

The course will include ad-hoc pre-reading materials, introductory discussions and debriefing sessions.

The assessment will be undertaken in a form of an individual written report (60%), collaborative group work (30%) and individual in class participation (10%).


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