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Palliative care


The palliative care module aims to offer to students an introductive view to palliative care, its field of application, while depicting a modern vision of this new medical specialty. The eight hours of this course will use a very interactive teaching approach enriched by multi-professional teachers. The interprofessionality of the teaching format will provide students with practical examples of how different professions should interact to offer best possible care to patients with life-limiting conditions. During the first two hours, students will have the opportunity to understand the ethical dimension of palliative care, with practical examples of complex clinical dilemmas (for instance when to start palliative care, limits to patients’ autonomy, requests for assisted suicide) and tools used to reach consensus in interdisciplinary teams for these decisions. The next two hours will be devoted to exploring how to identify patients in need of a palliative care approach, their needs and resources, using the concept of frailty and vulnerability as medical diagnoses.

During the course of the module, students will have the opportunity to learn how to work together by discussing different models of integrated care and interdisciplinarity. The general aims of these hours are to offer the opportunity to understand and use an approach of care aimed to maximize patients’ and family resources and to improve their quality of life with an emphatic and compassionate attitude.

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