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Solution and Optimization methods for Large Scale Problems


Krause R.

Course director

von Planta C.


Riva S.



Overview on iterative solution methods techniques for large scale systems. Parallel solution of large linear and non-linear system. Hierarchical methods for linear systems and for minimization problems. Decomposition methods. Beyond first order methods in machine learning

Large scale systems and large scale optimization problems are of central importance in computational science, optimization, and machine learning. Since standard solution and minimization methods in general do not scale optimally, alternative solution strategies have been developed during the last decades. In particular hierarchical solution strategies and parallel strategies have been developed. Prominent examples are multilevel or domain decomposition methods, originally developed for linear elliptic problems. We start from basic iterative methods, and then consider Krylov-space methods and eventually subspace correction methods for linear and non-linear problems,. We will discuss multilevel optimization methods such as MG/OPT, (recursive) trust-region methods (RMTR) and hierarchical minimization methods for machine learning, including variance reduction methods.

Lecture, reading, self study, hands-on implementation, discussion, tutorial, written weekly assignments

There will be a midterm, either as larger project-like assignment or as an written exam. The final exam will be written. The written weekly assignments will also count for the final grade.


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