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The module Women encompasses essential background knowledge in obstetrics and gynecology. The module is divided into four weeks based on the topics presented: Week 1. General obstetrics and gynecology, with lectures on screening strategies and on the most common conditions in general obstetrics and gynecology Week 2. Reproductive endocrinology and benign pathology, with lecture on infertility and on the major benign gynecological conditions Week 3. Maternal fetal medicine with lectures on prenatal diagnosis and on pregnancy associated diseases, Week 4. Gynecologic oncology with lectures on the most common gynecologic malignancies including cervical endometrial ovarian and breast cancer. During the clinical rotations, student will take part to the sitting rounds, patient centered rounds and will be exposed to the major clinical scenarios in obstetrics and gynecology. With the aim to encourage learning by exploiting interactive methods and the flipped classroom modality, students will present some of the clinical cases collected during the clinical activity, during the dedicated lessons.

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