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Project BSc2-I: Housing


Alves Guedes C.


Borlenghi L.


Ortalli G.



A house is a shelter. A house is each person’s self. The challenge is to question the traditional sense of single-family housing and its concept of physical and psychological comfort. A house is I and we. The evolution of health, technology and society, invites us to rethink our shared living, and search for new spatial hierarchies, new dynamics and combinations of use. A house is an opera aperta. We grow in a home that grows with us. We will focus on how the buildings evolve alongside and after us, through flexibility and adaptability. A house is part of a habitat “Live simply so others can simply live”. Architecture needs a wiser sense of respect for natural resources we are privileged to employ. Let’s strive for simplicity! A house is our project. Students are invited to conceive a Shared Living Space, between our social and intimate selves, between Site, Program, Spatiality, and Construction.