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Project: Various Typologies


From Como to Lecco: “la Citta dei laghi” In the first semester the studio will work on a territory that has undergone a chaotic built-up development due to the proximity of the dynamic Milanese metropolitan area on the one hand and the attraction of the mythical great lakes of the nearby lower Alps on the other. This in-between area, Brianza, has seen a unique and concentric development of its communication routes towards Milan, forgetting the transversal relations of the nearby chief towns like Como and Lecco. The crossing from one to the other requires long diversions in a remarkable landscape. On the other hand, with a delicate attention to the orography and hydrography, a succession of water bodies, small lakes spread from west to east, is drawn in a direct line by land, which only needs to be enhanced. Our studio will focus on these wetlands to define the principles, rules and projects for development and mobility appropriate to this natural corridor in the making.


Collomb M.


De Perrot A.


Verrier G.