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Digital Fashion Communication: Social Media Communication and Fashion Blogging


Sabatini N.

Course director

Nobile T. H.



Course Objectives

As a result of successfully completing this course, the students will:

  • be exposed to a theoretical framework for social media management;

  • have a comprehensive knowledge of multiple social media platforms, what they do, how and why we use them, along with strategic ideas for social media management;

  • be able to monitor social media and present relevant data, content practices, trends, risks and opportunities;

  • be able to determine why particular social media campaigns failed or succeeded;

  • be able to design a social media campaign for a fashion brand.

Course Description

This course critically defines the concept of social media communication and fashion blogging within the complex fashion communication ecosystem. It is one of the most recent and fastest developing domains that has impacted the traditional communication strategies of fashion brands considerably.

The power of social media, its effectiveness, immediacy, as well as critical issues involved (e.g. potential risks, crisis communication) will be studied.

Students will learn the specific tools needed to make social media communication original, engaging, and competitive. They will be asked to critically analyse and evaluate succesfull/un-succesfull social media campaigns. Students will then make recommendations as to how they could be further improved/implemented in the future by including budgetary implications.

Learning Methods

The course is organized in formal lessons complemented by case studies and testimonials.

Evaluation procedures and Grading criteria

The final assessment will be based on a group project, individual in-class participation, and final written report.


Class attendance is required.  

The course is held at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris, France). 

Required Materials

Students are provided with a list of mandatory and optional readings for the course.