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e-Commerce and Cyber Security


Mele E.

Course director

Vignati M.

Course director


Course Objectives


  • E-Commerce fundamentals;
  • E-Commerce and the potential for the fashion industry;
  • E-Commerce history and potential future developments;
  • Holistic overview of the e-Commerce process in fashion brand;
  • Cyber crime history, development and most used techniques;
  • Understanding motivations and intents of cyber criminals;
  • Fundamentals of cyber security in the e-Commerce world;
  • Fashion brands specifics cyber threats.

Course Description

This course will tackle the aspects of e-Commerce and its potential in the fashion industry. It will start with the introduction to the concept of e-Commerce, its history, and potential future developments. The holistic overview of the e-Commerce process in a fashion brand will be introduced, including the issues of logistics, payments, connection of offline stores and online sales environments. The second part of the course is dedicated to cyber security. E-commerce is particularly affected by cyber attacks, as it is exposed and therefore vulnerable. We will look at the history of cyber crime, techniques and basic principles of cyber security.

Learning Methods

The course consists of theoretical lessons and practical works

Evaluation procedures 

  • The evaluation of the course will be done based on a written exam.

Additional Optional Literature

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