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Sponsoring and partnership management


Cotting P.

Course director



This seminar presents different approaches to the planning, negotiation, implementation and control of partnership and sponsorship forms and strategies in the media, sports, arts, entertainment, causes and scientific field.
Participants acquire an understanding of the key concepts, fundamental principles, best practice examples and theories in this area.
The lecture provides insights into different strategic approaches such as ambush marketing, philanthropy and CSV approaches, buy-in sponsorships and hospitality activities, celebrity endorsement, marketing and media partnerships, product and message placements, title partnerships and ownerships.
The participants shall – at the end of the course – be able to fully understand, evaluate and plan sponsoring & partnership strategies.

The grade is based on a group assignment (40%), participation/ group works during class (20%) and an individual exam of one hour (40%).

Required readings provided on the icorsi page.