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Study Tours


Sabatini N.

Course director

Nobile T. H.



Course Objectives

Mobility is an important part of the learning experience offered by the Master in Digital Fashion Communication. Students are not only required to study in two different locations and live diverse cultures, but are also encouraged to move and meet new realities in the fashion industry through study tours.

Through the study tours, students will gain an overall understanding of the fashion sector, and an in-depth appreciation of the complexity of the industry. Specifically, they will:

  • Learn about management best practices of start-ups, family-run enterprises, and global fashion and luxury brands

  • Gain insights into the economic and cultural essentials or peculiarities of the study tours destination as well as the history of its artisanal and industrial heritage

  • Reflect on learning experience and relate this knowledge to the theoretical concepts they gain in class

  • Evaluate possible Master thesis’ topics and/or internship opportunities.

Course Description

Study Tours is an umbrella course for several field trips that are focused on the fashion industry. Students will have the opportunity - throughout the whole program - to visit companies working in the luxury and fast-fashion segment, headquarters of fashion brands, factories, ateliers, eCommerce providers, fashion event organizers, and museums. The course content will include student preparation before the trips, followed by travel to one or more of the Swiss, Italian, French, or Spanish fashion districts. This course is intended as Master-level foundational insights into the fashion and luxury sector. Through meetings with fashion professionals, students have the opportunity to observe the `backstage` of the fashion industry and apply what they have learned during the Master.

Learning Methods

Before the study tour:

  • Students are requested to get familiarized with the speaker, company, fashion district

  • Prepare at least one question to the speakers/presenters.

During the study tour:

  • Students are requested to actively participate in the discussion.


Evaluation procedures and Grading criteria

Students are requested to submit an individual report after every study tour.

It should include:

  • Summary of the main topic of the event

  • Reflection on how one of the experiences of the study tour (can be a lecture or a visit) impacts student’s personal & professional journey

  • Reflection on how this study tour is related to 2 courses offered within the Master Programme of Digital Fashion Communication

  • Link to a complementary follow up case/industry article/video/podcast


Required Materials

Travel and subsistence costs of study tours are not included in the tuition fee and are to be covered by the students (who directly organize their trips or who are responsible for getting to the destination).