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Digital Fashion Communication Lab


Cantoni L.

Course director

Noris A.

Course director


Course Objectives

  • To acquire the needed skills in order to analyse an issue relevant within the Digital Fashion Communication domain, and propose adequate digital solutions

  • to be able to interact with other stakeholders

  • to effectively and efficiently work in teams

  • to properly manage remote working and collaborating tools

  • to professionally and convincingly communicate their proposed solution

Course Description

Digital Fashion Communication lab will involve students on hands-on practical activities on designing the new or evaluating existing online communication strategies of fashion brands. The students will need to work with the companies active in the fashion domain on digital communication related issued. The lab will involve a mix of theoretical and practical elements, allowing students to understand the theory while at the same time being able to apply the knowledge to practical cases. DFC lab represents an important occasion for connecting Master students with a real-life industry environment and its emerging issues.

Learning Methods

The lectures of the course are conducted fully online through synchronous and asynchronous activities. The Lab is conducted in groups.

Evaluation procedures and Grading criteria

The final output of the Lab is a group-produced project: presentation and slides.

The project is graded on a 1-10 scale, based on: meeting the brief, quality of the project and of its presentation, innovativeness.

Required Materials

Students are provided a list of mandatory readings for the course. The readings are selected based on the topic of the Lab. Additional materials are provided.