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Project I: Atelier Arnaboldi


Arnaboldi M.

Course director

Gianellini L.


Turkewitsch S.



Starting from the observation of a territory means considering it as a unit, understanding its transformations, working on the environment, landscape, infrastructure and architecture. A territorial project is not necessarily a large project but a project capable of involving the territory. Areas are often changing areas; it is up to the students to define their direction. 

The first semester will be a shared semester with the four ateliers in the area who, in turn, will propose an area in which to intervene. In the second semester, a study area on the border between Italy and Switzerland will be chosen.


From 20000 to 20: the atelier investigates architecture from the large scale. The aim is to propose a project formed by the connection of individual projects through the 'empty space' - the collective and social space - and then to detail an architecture that is aware of the territory in which it fits. 

Learning methods

Given the scope of the task, students are asked to work in pairs. After visiting and analysing the project area, individual groups are free to propose a site and a theme.

Examination information

Discussion in presence


Study trips

  • Lago Lemano, 29.09.22 - 02.10.22 (Compulsory)
  • Lago Lemano, 29.09.22 - 02.10.22 (Compulsory)