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Diploma: Milan.O Storie.S



The Diploma 2022/2023 will be set in Milan, under the direction of Professor Riccardo Blumer, who has identified various authors, selected on the basis of the fields they work in (architect, artist, theatre director, photographer, set designer, music critic, TV producer, gallerist, illustrator, philosopher, historian), who will present a reading of Milan, each through a “story” of their own, linked with specific places in the city, even from different periods. Through these “stories” the design studios will be free to give an architectural interpretation of the places evoked, completing, imagining or modifying them, in keeping with the principle that the city is architecture and so the “stories” are precisely dependent on the “forms”. Each author will give the students a lecture in a different place in Milan, with the purpose of making a “journey” through the city. Thanks to collaboration with the Consulate General and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Italy, some meetings will take