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Art and Architecture of Renaissance and Baroque


Bettini S.

Course director

Mazzarelli C.

Course director

Chiappetta F.


Nicelli G.


Rossi L.



The course provides an overview of European, and in particular Italian, architecture from the first half of the fifteenth century to the eighteenth. In addition to exploring individual biographies (from Brunelleschi to Borromini) it will investigate the evolution of the different building types proposed with the rediscovery of Antiquity in the humanistic age. Particular stress will be laid on the relations between architecture and the visual arts, the change in the social and cultural role of the artist-architect, and relations with patrons.


Basic knowledge of the history of art and architecture from the 15th to the 17th century. Overview of the main protagonists and historiographic issues.

Learning methods

80% Lectures
20% On-site visits without overnight stay

Examination information

Oral during the exam session