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Instruments and Methods of Analysis of 20th Century Architecture


Albani F.

Course director

Sampaoli G.



The knowledge of architecture in its materiality (materials, construction techniques, modifications, problems of decay) is crucial to an understanding of the potential and criticalities of a building. The course consists of lectures aimed at providing students with the fundamental concepts to deal with this cognitive phase preceding the project. Through a case study, students will have the opportunity to apply what has been discussed in the classroom. Experts from different disciplines will hold in-depth seminars.


The aim of the course is to introduce the methods and tools to outline a cognitive pathway of the built environment preparatory to the project of restoration and reuse of 20th century architecture. At the end of the course the student will be able to critically analyse problems related to changes in use, transformations and the ageing of 20th century architecture and communicate the results of the analyses in specific graphic works.

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