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Workshop: BRR - Berlin, Reuse, Restoration


Bettini S.

Course director

Frank C.

Course director

Mazzarelli C.

Course director

Gatta L.



Through lectures and surveys in the company of experts, students will be invited to reflect on the relationship between the pre-existing building and the later interventions, reuse strategies that can be identified in a specific building, historical stratifications, the conservation of the materiality of the work, the issues regarding seismic improvement and containment of energy consumption as well as on the complex theme of green restoration.


In few cities the historical sedimentation in the urban fabric is so perceptible, indeed palpable, as in Berlin. From the study of modern and 20th century examples of transformation, reuse and conservation of buildings and urban complexes, we intend to reflect on the dialectical relationship between reuse and restoration. A relationship that we aim to investigate in the perspective of the long historical duration and its "productivity" for the contemporary project. Ample space is given to the debate on the methods and problems of restoration and reuse and on the ongoing debates in the context of Berlin and German-speaking.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

Organised in working groups or individually students will work in the field on selected buildings, circumscribing a theme and analysing it through tools such as sketching, surveying, photographic documentation or even writing a short historical-critical text. 

Examination information

Drafting of an individual "travel diary" during seminars and trips. The delivery of the work will be requested on a date to be agreed after the conclusion of the Workshop.


Study trips

  • Berlin, 12.07.23 - 15.07.23 (Compulsory)