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Workshop Filming Architecture - Ila Bêka


Clericuzio F.

Course director

Cipelletti S.



The workshop offers a three-phase path to convey to students the basic concepts of film technique and
theory applied to architecture and the city. The first phase consists of two days of excursus along the mile-
stones of the history of cinema through the screening of films excerpts, considered fundamental for dealing
with the relationship between body and space. The aim is to provide students with a first general framework
intended as a theoretical approach to the representation of space through the moving image. This first phase
will quickly intersect with the second and more productive one. The various subjects and the different types
of storytelling inspired by the chosen sites and architectures will be identified and the découpage and storyboards will be developed. In this way, the third and fourth day, the shooting will be carried out thus opening
the third phase, the one dedicated to editing and post-production. On the last day, all the works produced will
be presented to the public through the organization of a mini festival.


The workshop aims to introduce the medium of film as a tool for sensitive observation and the representation of space. Furthermore, the course will also provide insights on filming technique.

Teaching mode

In presence

Learning methods

The workshop foresees an alternation of theoretical lectures and tutorials on filmmaking, along with the supervision of the group work 

Examination information

The exam will focus on the shooting, editing and finalisation of a short film made in groups of 3 to 4 students.